Car Rental Conditions

Car Rental Conditions

General Information

All drivers who rent a car at the time of rental must have a valid original driver's license. All drivers who rent a car must have a valid Passport or a valid ID card at the time of collection.

Age Restrictions

In order to rent a car, you must be 22 years old and have at least 2 years B group driving license. You must be over 25 years old to rent a minibus.

Payment information

The payment method is credit card only and there is no cash payment and debit card application. A rent agreement cannot be opened in the office without a credit card. The lease agreement is opened during the lease and is regulated according to the laws and practices. Bodrum Car Rental General Rental Conditions apply for leases to be realized. The difference in the invoice amount that may occur at the end of the rental is charged or refunded at the rental point. The credit card holder must be present at the time of rental. No credit card rental can be made.

For security purposes, the tenant must have a valid credit card at the start of the rental. No prepaid card or check is accepted.

Online Prepaid Reservation and Rental

Online Prepay means that you can pay your rental fee and any additional services you select online immediately.

Online booking page; whether or not the reservation is confirmed; does not replace the car rental agreement. Prepaid Reservation Form detail is rented on behalf of the person named.

Bodrum Rent Acar, if it can not provide the rental service due to reasons connected to it, will refund the entire amount paid in advance by the customer.

Bodrum Rent A car rental offices to be made, pre-paid reservations for the provision of Bodrum Rent A car prepaid reservation forms are limited to the amount written on.

Bodrum Rent A car Prepaid Booking forms at the beginning or during the rental process may require additional services and assurances from our customers, fuel, one-way, traffic penalty and damage costs (written in the lease agreement, in case of accident and theft does not fulfill the conditions described in the section) etc. . does not include expenditure. For these fees, our customers must present a personal credit card during the rental.

During the reflection of the payments to the credit card of our customers, all kinds of commissions, foreign exchange differences, service fees, etc., which may be applied by the banks to which the credit card used belong, may be applied for any reason. prices are not the responsibility of the Budget brand.

A prepaid reservation can be changed and canceled up to 24 hours before the start of the rental (subject to availability).

If the vehicle booked is not received on the agreed date and time, Bodrum Rent a Car may charge the prepaid amount.